Japanese A5 Wagyu Patties
Japanese A5 Wagyu Patties

Japanese A5 Wagyu Patties

3 juicy burger patties (450 grams total)
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Seasoned to perfection, our top-selling high quality brand of Japan's Premium A5 KUMAMOTO patties have been enhanced with premium herbs recipe. It is selling at RM 100 only for 3pcs patties, which makes a total of 450 grams of meat! 1 piece of  patty is never enough, that's why we sell 3pcs patties at a time, so we can give you the best satisfaction. Easy to cook gourmet patties, no need oil, no need to defrost, imported Halal Certified Wagyu. In just 3 mins. You can prepare & make big fat juicy ultimate burger or grilled sandwich, perfect meal with friends & family. 

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