RedTail Catfish
RedTail Catfish

RedTail Catfish

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RedTail Catfish (800-1kg+-) has high economic value because it is delicious, aromatic, rich in nutrients and omega 3 fatty acid, and has little bones. Therefore, housewives like using them to steam with lemon leaves, grill with citronella, fry, cook in porridge (using fish head), make grilled fish pie, dry-braise, cook sour soup with sour-soup creeper, braise with pineapple, can also cook with the aromatic Durian paste. Red tailed catfish sour hot pot is similar to sour soup of the Western region, but it tastes less sour & sweet & also can cook hot pot with fermented bamboo shoots is a simple delicious dish with the sourness and sweetness which easily wins everybody’s heart. Gathering around the hot and attractive red tailed catfish hot pot with relatives and friends is more than wonderful.

  • Premium River Fish From Pahang 
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  • No Muddy Taste, Already Clean & Gutted
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